Why we're here.

More than 50% of a brand’s sales lift from advertising comes from creative, yet most creative is just clutter. It’s poor, irrelevant or fails to deliver. The stakes are too high to rely on gut and intuition. We believe in augmenting human creativity, not replacing it. With good data and the right technology, organizations can acquire, create, develop and distribute more effective content and command greater attention.

In 2017, when we looked at the available technology, we saw products that offered little more than aggregated view counts and trending topics, and custom systems that took too long and too much money to deploy. We saw that most organizations did not have the technology, resources or capabilities required to employ sophisticated algorithms and predictive modeling to power a data-driven decision-making process.

We saw a disconnected data problem. Companies not called Netflix, Amazon or Hulu were without access to millions of people watching billions of hours of content and the tools to track every interaction across all platforms.

We saw a need for different kind of solution, and we knew it would take a unique team of people to build it. That’s why we founded Limbik... to help organizations use Content Science to command greater attention.

We’re the global experts on attention.

Limbik is a full-service Data Studio. We make products that transform how creative and editorial teams use data to create, develop and distribute video content. We’re Content Scientists focused on helping organizations around the world tell compelling stories, capture attention, and drive business outcomes. To achieve this, we build platforms for analyzing video content, tracking viewing behavior and predicting attention and partner with the world’s leading brands, publishers, media companies, studios and creative agencies. We are constantly trying different modeling techniques and implementing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

We build our company around a curiosity of attention and a passion for executing.

At our headquarters in New York City, and at offices throughout the US and Canada, we have assembled a team of creatives, technologists and data scientists turned Content Scientists. Whatever their role, each member of Team Limbik combines a passion for understanding human attention with an unwavering focus on executing in service of our clients and partners.

We work collaboratively with the creative community.

We live in a video-first world; nearly everyone on the planet now has a video player in their pocket. Trying to predict what people watch is impossible. But identifying why they watch what they watch, and using the insights to inform creative, is entirely possible. We’re often told that Limbik is the difference between great content and great content that performs. The secret? Knowing what to look for and where to look. And partnering with the world’s leading creative and editorial teams. Creative execution should be left to experienced creatives. We use data and technology to augment that creativity. This combination of data plus creative results in content that wins awards and achieves business outcomes.

We understand our role in the world.

We know what content will resonate with any audience. In other words, we know how to get people to pay attention. And attention is the first step to get someone to take action. While this creates a unique advantage for many organizations, if used irresponsibility, or to spread fake news, drive contributions for a fraudulent cause, or any number of other issues we’ve all seen or experienced over the past few years, there could be serious implications. We choose who we work with and establish a partnership to transform the way they use data in pursuit of their goals. Inevitably, that means more efficiency and better results for creators and less intrusive, irrelevant content for viewers.

Create an emotional connection.

Inspiration for Limbik comes from the Limbic System, a complex set of nerves and networks housed at the edge of the brain’s cortex that controls emotional response. When content resonates it elicits an emotional response. And strong feelings are memorable. Limbik is the difference between great content and great content that creates an emotional connection.

The first data studio for video.

Limbik is part human and part machine. We spend our time building products and collaborating with clients and partners, while leaving much of the heavy lifting to the machines. We work on decentralized teams, giving our people ownership of their domain and the freedom to problem-solve creatively. We help organizations use content science to command greater attention.

About Limbik

Utilizing the world’s largest set of attention data, Limbik’s custom-built deep learning models provide brands, agencies, publishers, studios and media companies with predictive analytics to determine what content will resonate with any audience and increase video effectiveness and ROI.

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