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Our Mission

Limbik is building the most advanced Data Studio for short-form video.

For years, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have been using subscriber data to commission new content. But companies without access to millions of people binge-watching billions of hours of content on devices where everything is measurable are left to make decisions with limited, unreliable data coupled with the intuition of a small number of people. They are either lucky or wrong.

Our mission to help content creators use data to capture more attention.

With major publishers like Group Nine Media, Refinery29 and Ziff Davis, we have developed an integrated network of web destinations, with tools to track attention at scale, where we collect viewing behavior and preferences for more than 250 million people every month. In addition, using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and human analysis to annotate thousands of videos, we have built the definitive collection of attribute-level video insights.

While there is no magic algorithm to create the perfect video, we believe data can be precise in determining the type of content to create and how best to create it. Every day, Limbik is fundamentally changing how organizations consume, share and use analytics data to create and distribute short-form video content.

Are you passionate about video, data and technology? Do you crave success? Are you eager to learn, collaborate and solve problems? If so, you will fit right in with an amazing team from places like Ziff Davis, Cisco, Ogilvy, HP and Plainview Entertainment.

Available Positions

Data Science
Content Analyst
Data Engineer
Data Scientist
Data Strategist
Marketing Manager
Client Success
Director of Client Success
Applied Machine Learning Engineer
Product Manager
Senior Systems Engineer
Software Engineer
UI/UX Designer
Account Executive
Sales Engineer
VP Network Development & Partnerships
VP Sales – East

Limbik Internship Program

We offer internship opportunities throughout the year. Apply with your resume and include a cover letter that states what group you would like to join and your availability to intern. Be sure to capture our attention.

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About Limbik

Utilizing the world’s largest set of attention data, Limbik’s custom-built deep learning models provide brands, agencies, publishers, studios and media companies with predictive analytics to determine what content will resonate with any audience and increase video effectiveness and ROI.

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