Meet Limbik

About Us

Limbik is the Video Data Studio; AI generated content recommendations to create the most effective short-form video. Imagine having the most advanced data engine to inform your video strategy and drive your creative process. You get the attributes that perform and the analytics explaining why, resulting in more engagement and unseen insights.

Our Mission

To help content creators use data to capture more attention.

Our People

It’s not just our Data Studio that has garnered people’s attention. The Limbik Team is uniquely talented, experienced and motivated, focused on using data and technology to help our clients derive maximum value from their video initiatives.

Chris Banks
Data Engineer
Dean Grover
Chief Technical Officer
Gurpreet Singh
Software Engineer
Jesse Kamzol
VP Data
Josh Levin
Co-founder, VP Distribution
Mark Faktorovich
Co-founder, VP Engineering
Milhem Calderon
VP Content Strategy & Analysis
Sean Tao
Systems Engineer
Shane Kerwin
VP Product
Thomas Craig
Systems Engineer
Zach Schwitzky
Co-founder, CEO

Our Story

Limbik’s Data Studio started at Newlio, a NYC-based research and insights agency. After developing a powerful video analytics and audience measurement platform used by many of the world’s leading publishers, brands and agencies, we realized all but a few content creators were operating at a significant disadvantage.

Companies not called Netflix, Amazon or Hulu did not have access to millions of people binge-watching billions of hours of video content across devices where everything is measurable. Nor did they have the resources, technology and/or capabilities to employ sophisticated algorithms and predictive modeling to power data-driven decision-making processes.

As a result, decisions about what to produce were based on limited, unreliable data coupled with the intuition of a small number of people. They were either lucky or wrong.

Following its early success, Limbik Inc. was incorporated on March 7, 2016.

Limbik has since analyzed and annotated tens of thousands of short-form videos, continuously feeding its machine learning algorithms with engagement data from billions of views.

Many of the most recognizable publishers, media companies, advertisers and creative agencies now use Limbik to make informed decisions throughout the creative process. We’re continuously exploring other areas where we can use data to make video more effective. Together, we can move an entire industry forward.

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