Content Science

The difference between great content and great content that performs.

Data, Technology, Expertise

Limbik provides the world’s leading creative and editorial teams with the data, technology and expertise to power a data-driven
decision-making process. We pioneered Content Science, an analytical, evidence-based approach to create, develop and distribute video content.

Metadata Descriptors

Proprietary taxonomy with over 140,000 unique visual, audible and contextual video features.

Viewing Behavior

The definitive collection of global attention data - every interaction across all platforms and devices.

Audience Profiles

First and third-party data to understand viewer demographics, preferences and behaviors.


Find out how Content Science is helping brands, publishers, media companies, studios and creative agencies command greater attention.

The search for objective knowledge about video.

It’s not enough to know what people are watching; we seek to understand why they’re watching. Our products and solutions are used throughout the creative community to help organizations command greater attention and drive business outcomes.


Identify trending topics, changes in viewing behavior, and the triggers of attention for your target audience.


Feature-based predictive models to inform acquisition/licensing decisions, vet concepts and A/B test creative.


Eliminate assumptions throughout the creative process with the features that perform and the analytics explaining why.

Index &

Optimize your content prior to distribution with AI-driven scene, text and soundtrack recommendations.

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About Limbik

Utilizing the world’s largest set of attention data, Limbik’s custom-built deep learning models provide brands, agencies, publishers, studios and media companies with predictive analytics to determine what content will resonate with any audience and increase video effectiveness and ROI.

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