What data do you collect?

We collect directly measured data from the tens of thousands of videos and web properties controlled by Limbik publishers, brands and agencies. All the data we collect is anonymous and contains no personally identifiable information (PII).

Is my data protected?

All data in Limbik Measure is accessible only via login and password. Property/video owners have full control over the accessibility of their data.

Will the Limbik script impact the performance of my website?

Limbik was designed to incur virtually zero performance and network overhead in your web or mobile app. Our script is minuscule – less than 25% the size of Google Analytics’ script. We maintain a rigorous testing framework on all modern browsers, including IE8+.

Is Limbik really that simple to use?

It sure is. Getting started takes less than 10 minutes and both our measurement and conversion scripts are each just one line of code. Even if you get stuck, our smart and fast support team can help.

Is Limbik really free?

Yes. We believe that by measuring what the world is watching online, everyone benefits.

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