We build data fusion platforms for analyzing video content, tracking viewing behavior and predicting attention. On top of these platforms, we layer applications for interactive, machine assisted analysis.

Limbik Optimize

AI-generated video optimization platform.

More than 30% of a video’s performance can be determined by its property-level attributes. Using your video’s unique audiovisual features and metadata descriptors, Limbik Optimize scores and benchmarks your video, identifies the strongest and weakest segments, and generates optimization recommendations. Implement the recommendations and see immediate results.

Benchmark your video against its IAB Content Category

Reveal the strongest and weakest segments of your video

Reveal the strongest and weakest segments of your video

Reveal the strongest and weakest segments of your video

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Limbik Annotate

Deep learning-powered video recognition platform.

Looking to analyze, tag and catalog your video content? Custom systems take too long and cost too much to deploy. Out-of-the-box solutions lack customization and return questionable results. Limbik Annotate is available as a cloud-based video recognition API that accurately extracts visual, audible and contextual features, at massive scale.


Categorized description of video derived from unique visual and audible features.


Categorize the themes in video using the IAB Content taxonomy (T1/T2).


Scores video and scenes from positive to negative; detects emptions from faces.


Detects property level features such as duration, scene boundaries and shot types.

Visual Features

Recognizes what is seen in a video: objects, settings, events and activities.

Faces & Identities

Detects individuals and groups of people, and recognizes identities.

Audio Features

Recognizes what is heard in a videos: sounds, music genres and human voices.

Key Messaging

Extracts keywords, phrases and concepts from speech, transcript or text-on-screen.

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Limbik Enterprise

Integrate, manage and analyze all of your video data.

Organizations have lots of video content. And generate significant engagement across various platforms and properties. This data is typically stored in disconnected systems, where it is rapidly diversifying in type, exponentially increasing in volume, and becoming more difficult to use every day.


Working closely with the customer, our engineers integrate video content and viewing behavior from all relevant sources - regardless of type or volume - into a single, centralized repository. As videos flow into Limbik System, they are transformed into meaningfully defined features and combined with actual viewing behavior.


Users interact with the data through a variety of integrated applications built on top of Limbik System. They can search across all of their data sources at once, discover unknown connections, bring hidden patterns to the surface, and inform decisions across the organizations.

By extracting and pairing video features with real-time viewing behavior, and reducing friction between users and their data, Limbik Enterprise augments human creativity and enables organizations to maximize video performance.

Video Annotation
Custom Taxonomies
Data Fusion
Predictive Analytics
Performance Tracking
About Limbik

Utilizing the world’s largest set of attention data, Limbik’s custom-built deep learning models provide brands, agencies, publishers, studios and media companies with predictive analytics to determine what content will resonate with any audience and increase video effectiveness and ROI.

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