Video Data Studio

The search for objective knowledge about video.

We have developed an integrated network of web destinations, with tools to track attention at scale, where we collect viewing behavior and preferences for hundreds of millions of people every month. In addition, using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and human analysis, every video across the network is annotated with thousands of labels – metadata descriptors – to describe its unique contextual, visual and audible characteristics.

Like Sabermetrics (Moneyball) in baseball, Limbik uses statistical analysis and predictive modeling to make determinations about video performance.

AI generated content and audience recommendations.

Create with confidence knowing you have a data-driven framework for your creative process, with the attributes that perform and the analytics explaining why.

“We produce all kinds of short-form video for our clients. Everything from pre-roll ads to branded content. We’re always looking for an edge up and Limbik gives us that never-before-possible ability to know what will engage with our customers’ audiences before we even receive their briefs.”

- Shaneel Singh, Netbooster Group
Historical video data to power your video strategy at scale.

Realize the full potential of your video efforts with access to accurate attention and engagement data for any type and category of short-form video.

Create and optimize content based on viewer preferences
Target based on users’ propensity to pay attention
Discover audience trends and identify changes in viewing behavior
Benchmark against content with shared attributes
Projected performance metrics for custom audiences.

Tap into billions of views and millions of scenes to harness the limitless focus group of Limbik’s integrated network. Get ahead by understanding how your content will perform with any audience.

Reveal your strongest contextual, visual and audible attributes
Discover which audience segments have the highest propensity to consume your content
Quickly and accurately decide between multiple versions
Determine which thumbnail and title will elicit engagement
Attribute-level content analysis and benchmarking.

Leverage Limbik’s proprietary content analysis process to annotate your videos at scale. Identify top-performing contextual, visual and audible attributes to drive future content development.

Understand how any attribute impacts performance
Compare attribute-level engagement across audience segments
Validate the impact of sponsorships, branded content or product placement
Benchmark against hundreds of thousands of Limbik Rating videos

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