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Limbik is the first company to deconstruct and analyze the contextual, visual and audible characteristics of video at scale, then associate each attribute with actual viewing behavior to uncover the precise triggers of attention and engagement.

Using artificial intelligence, Limbik has developed a set of technology-enabled processes to predict what content will be successful, with the attributes that perform the analytics explaining why.

Framework for success
AI generated content and audience recomendations.
Limbik data unleashed
Historical video data to power your video strategy at scale.
A/B testing evolved
Projected performance metrics for custom audiences.
Understand video better
Attribute-level content analysis and benchmarking.

Limbik Rating

The Most Accurate Measure of Attention.

To capture attention, you first need to measure it. Limbik Rating quantifies the overall attention paid to video by looking at attributes such as in-view rate, audibility rate, exposure time, screen real-estate and more... all rolled into a single number (0.0-100.0). Limbik Rating is available for free, for everyone.

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